powerful dua for love back

powerful dua for love back

To have a happy and content relationship, you need to have love between two people. A person may have a lot of relations in his/her and every relationship needs love to sustain. This majorly applies to the relationship of boy-girl, husband-wife. Without love, these relationships may fall apart. Hence, it is very important to practice dua for love when you are beginning your life with someone special so that your relationship has love and affection all its life. This Islamic dua for love back will create an unbreakable bond between you and your partner and never let things go bad.

Islamic Dua For Love

If you haven’t been able to find your soul mate till now and you want to find your true love, then with the help of Islamic dua for love, you can find an amazing partner for yourself. That person will love you to the core and will soon get married to you. A lot of people end up falling in love with the wrong person and ruin their life. But, when you practice this dua and wait for your life partner, then you will get nothing but a perfect spouse for yourself. The dua will help you find the person that Allah Miyan has chosen for you.

People who are already in a relationship and are suffering at the hands of their partners, shouldn’t be hopeless. The dua for love is known to bridge down gaps between hearts and create love in someone you want. If you recite the dua keeping your lover in mind, then Insha Allah, you will see amazing changes in him/ her. The diminishing love and concern will bounce back and your partner will start taking great interest in you. His/ her attraction and affection to you will increase manifold.

Here you can perform Dua for love in the following steps:-

Wa Tammat Kali Matu Rabbika Sidkan Wa Ad Lal La Mubaddila Li Kalimatihi Wa Huwas Sami’ul Aleem

Recite this dua 101 times after every namaz and think of your partner and blow on his/ her imaginary face.
Pray to Allah Miyan to bring love and affection to your relationship.
Insha Allah, he/ she will fall deeply in love with you in a period of just 21 days.
For the success of this dua, you must perform all the obligatory prayers of the day.
Indeed, He has created us in pairs and there is someone made for you, for sure. However, all you need to do is wait for him/ her to enter your life. It may take some time, but you will definitely find your soul mate and if it is taking long, then you can start practicing the dua to speed up the procedure. Do not lose hope and soon the Almighty will bless you with the right person. Getting into false relationships will only increase your pain and bring hurt to you. So, perform the dua and wait for your dear one to come to you.

Powerful Dua For Love

The powerful dua for love can be practiced by those who are going to get married in a short period of time. It will create immense love in your spouse’s heart for you, right from the day of nikah. Insha Allah, your partner will love you wholeheartedly and you will have an amazingly happy and loving marital life. You can also recite the dua after your marriage. If you think that your spouse is too hesitant and is unable to mingle with you, then this dua will make her open her heart to you.

Strong Dua for Love

With the love dua, you can increase the chances of closeness in your relationship. The closer you are to your lover, the lower will the conflicts be. So, it is very important to practice the dua and put all problems at bay. If you feel that with time, powerful dua for love and your relationship or marriage has lost its charm and there is no attraction or affection left, then the dua will re-spice your married life and bring back the lost flame. It will enhance intimacy and attraction in your relationship and revive your marital life. You will surely see the best version of your partner.

If your relationship is going through a tough time and there have been some misunderstandings and conflicts between you and your partner, then powerful dua for love will bridge down the gap and mend the loose ends. All the problems will miraculously disappear from your life with the help of this dua. Things will gradually settle down and your relationship with your lover/ spouse will gradually improve. Every relation experiences such hardships sometime in their life but what’s important here is how you bounce back. Apart from doing worldly measures, you should seek help from Allah Talah to ease your relationship issues and reunite the two of you.

Strong Dua for Love

However, if there is something special and customize that you need, then you should get in touch with our molvi sahib for it. He will guide the customized procedure of strong dua for love and Insha Allah, you will get desired results in a few days. Our molvi sahib has already helped several couples in their relationships and marital lives. If you think that your partner is no longer interested in you and he/ she may leave you in someday, then you should immediately approach him for help. Remember dua can change your destiny and it is up to you how you plead and beg in front of the Almighty to change things for you.

The strong dua for love will definitely bring love and happiness to your relationship. It will create better compatibility and understanding between you and your spouse and lower the chances of a dispute. So, recite it as frequently as you can and blow it on your partner. You can also blow it on some sweet dish and present it to your partner to eat. It will have the same effect. Do not be hopeless, it is the most legit and halal thing for a wife to do.

Despite taking all the cautious steps, sometimes your relationships make take the road you never want to go. It may create distance and separation. If your partner has left you and gone and you literally feel all alone in the world and cannot think of anything else but him/ her, then you should lookout for ways to bring them back in your life. If you want to reconcile with your partner and do not wish to spend a single day without him/ her, then dua for love back is the best resort for you. This effective Quranic solution will re-attract your lost love to your life and bring the two of you together again.

If you truly miss your ex and want them to contact you or miss you, this dua will prove very fruitful. It will make your partner contact you without you doing anything. Often couples fail to get back together because they hold bad memories and grudges against one another. If this prevents your partner from coming back to you, then the dua will mend the differences and bring you both together. When the situation has gotten out of your hand, only Allah and His Kalaam can help you.

Dua To Get Lost Love Back

No matter your partner has cheated on you or there has been some false misunderstanding between you two or they have got under the influence of a third person and left you, whatever the reason for your separation is, you need to take the initiative to revive it back. The dua for love back will help you in bringing your relationship back to normal again. It will help you burn the hatchets and start a fresh life again. Your partner will address the problems and then re-start the relationship with you.

If you have parted with your partner because of the lack of compatibility and frequent fights, then you should perform dua for love back. If you cannot see a way out there, then turn to Allah for help. Indeed, the Almighty will definitely help you. The Quranic dua for love back will heal your broken relationship and rejuvenate your love life. It will mend the gaps and wipe out all the differences in your relationship. You will see an increase in compatibility and gradually the understanding will also increase.

There is nothing more hurtful than a broken relationship. Sometimes breakups aren’t very comforting and your peace goes away with your lover. If you are in such a situation, then do not feel devastated. With your shattered pieces make dua to Allah Miyan and pray for your lover to come back to you. With the grace of Allah, in no time your lover will re-enter your life and your relationship will be much better than before. Do not forget to thank Allah for it, once you think everything is back to normal.

No matter whose mistake it was, who should apologize, who should take the initiative to resolve the issue, the dua for love back will end all sorts of issues and make both the partners take steps. If you want your spouse to apologize, then pray accordingly. If it was your mistake and you want your partner to forgive you, without confronting you, then pray for it. The dua will just bring back your lost lover but will also make your relationship much stronger than before and never let your partner go astray again.

If a third person has manipulated your partner and he/she has left you because of their influence, then the dua will bring them out of the third person’s influence and he/she will come to you to seek forgiveness and for the revival of the relationship. In case your partner has left you because of their interest in another person, then the dua will make them withdraw their interest and come to you. So, without any hesitation, you should practice the dua and it will yield the best results to you. Make sure you practice it with firm faith and dedication. If you don’t have faith in Allah Talah and His quranic solutions, then the dua will never work for you.

Dua for love back The Following Steps

Make ablution and sit in a clean place.
You can recite this dua any time, but make sure you practice it at the same time daily.
Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
Recite Allah Hus Samad 1000 times. It is the ayat of Surah Al- Ikhlas.
Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
Make dua to Allah Talah to bring your lost lover back to you
Recite it for 21 days and wait for him/ her to return to you.

And, even after reciting this dua for love back, if your partner doesn’t come back to you, then you should approach our molvi sahib. He will give you customized help. Maybe your relationship was exposed to the evil eye or someone has cast black magic on you out of jealousy. Under such grave situations, you need the help of an Islamic scholar. So, if the dua doesn’t work for you, then immediately contact our molvi sahib and get his help. With his directions, Insha Allah, things will turn for the better. Do not give up and have a firm belief in the Almighty. Indeed, your condition will improve.

The dua can also be recited by married couples if their husbands or wives leave them and go elsewhere. It will bring your lost partner back to you in no time. Our molvi sahib has already helped several couples in reviving their love life and with his expert guidance, you will definitely be able to make a great start to your new relationship. For any reason, you can perform the dua and it will yield magical results. In case you have any queries related to it, then you can come to us. We will resolve all your queries in no time. Our solutions are directly from the Quran and we don’t lead you to do anything haram or illegal. So, feel free to come to us!

Can Allah Bring Someone Back into Your Life?

Love is an important thing in everyone’s life. Nobody wants to lose their love because every person knows that getting true love is not easy. People spend their entire life but still, they are unable to get true love. That is why nobody wants to lose their true love. But still, some people lose their love. Such people can take the help of the asking Allah to bring someone back into your life

Once we get true love we don’t realize the importance of true love. We take very it lightly. In the beginning, we don’t pay much attention to our partners. As time progresses there is a big gap between ourselves and our partners. This gap becomes so big that we lose our partner. It is not easy to win the love back of a person once we lose it. After making lots of efforts still, we are not able to get our partner back. We need something strong to get our partner back. Get love back by dua is one such thing by which we can bring your lost love back to you, no matter how worse the situation is!

It becomes very difficult to live our lives without our partners. You just think about your partner all the time. If you see your partner with any other person you just become frustrated and just want to get your lover back. When your partner is being attracted to some other person then it becomes very difficult to get her back. Many people commit suicide because they are not able to get their partner back. This is not right Islam never permits anyone for committing suicide. That is why Islam gives a proper solution for every problem. asking Allah to someone back is one such solution.

dua for husband come back

dua for husband come back

Allah Has blessed us all with beautiful relations and people around us who care for us, who protect us, who motivate us and those who support us. Planning of Allah is always the best as we all know. A relation of husband-wife is very obvious, very generous, very neat. Husbands are the most precious gifts for their wives by Allah S.WT Pak.
There are different factors which make a love marriage successfully or unsuccessful until you don’t go after it by your self. islamic dua/ Roohani Elaj, Dua to get lost love back, wazifa for love, Dua to make someone come back, wazifa for marriage, Dua to love between husband wife, present you a free wazifa for love marriage.
Love spell, which could be really helpfully for those people who really want to get married to their loved ones. This is Rohani wazifa, Amal for Love Marriage Husband’s love is priceless for a wife and most pleasant.


Husband’s love is a very stiff key, which supports a wife’s confidence and put her into very productive activities which supports a woman’s happiness. Allah S.W.T says through His blessed book that husband is the first relationship after marriage for a woman to obey and fulfill his rights.

Dua to make husband-wife love Sometimes husbands are distracted from their happy life, they lose healthy communications with their wives which can be very painful for both. Every woman deserves to be happy and decorate her house with the essence of love, care, attraction.

A happy family speaks strong and always enjoy a very happy and quality life. Dua to make someone fall in love with you Nowadays people are mostly influenced by evil eyes which leaves negative influences on the mind. Sometimes others can’t see a family living healthy together and try to spoil other’s environment in very negative ways.

We are watching a lot of cases in these days that husband is mostly going towards negativity and don’t cooperate with wives and wives drag themselves to mental frustrations which could influence the whole family really bad.

The woman has a power from Allah to give love have a fate and figure out different solutions to attract her husband back towards her self. We are solving lots of cases successfully similar to these.

If you are in any terrible situation and want your husband to be only yours, love you, support you, take care of you, stop haram relationships. Give you all his responses, make you his priority, be patient and calm to you. We have lovely different wazaif’s and dua’s, verses lighten up by Quran Kareem Pak for your specific situations.
Give us a call any time freely and we will help you out in any possible ways.

Feel free to give us a call and get your troubles solved.
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Every problem will be solved with complete guarantee and secrecy in 72 hours.
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Wazifa for lost love back.

All of your problems are solved under the guidance of HOLY QURAN. The Islamic Wazifa for solve all problem if the humans ie. men and women recite the Wazifa, Istikhara, Surat, Aayat of the holy book of the Quran or in the Sky’s book of the Muslim’s religion and we know that the Islam contains five basic units on which the Islam exists or standing and the five basic units in which are:-

The First one is Kalama
The second one is Roza
The third one is Namaz
The fourth one is Zakat
The fifth one is Hajz

In five basic unit the Namaz is the most important in all units because Namaz is compulsory for humans whether the humans are related to men and whether the humans are related to women, so humans have to attend the five times of the Namaz without absent or in regularly way or condition.

The Islamic Wazifa for solving all problems which are creating in the life or life phenomena whether the problems are related to complex or hard and whether the problems are related to an easy or simple because the Islamic Wazifa converts with own power the hard work into easy work.
Help For All, For Any Problem (ETC) 72 Hours — DUA FOR HUSBAND COME BACK.
Feel free to contact any time as we keep your issues all secure and private.
All solution under the right ways, in the light of Quran. Allah Kareem — like DUA FOR HUSBAND COME BACK.

wazifa for loved one to come back

wazifa for loved one to come back

Wazifa To Get Your Lover Back or to get your ex lover back can be use for getting lost love back soon. Use wazifa for lover come back in 3 days.

How Can I Get My Love Back By Wazifa ?

Everyone knows the hurt and pain, which a breakup brings to you. It is unbearable to leave someone who you loved deeply. Though some people manage to move on, others cannot be able to tolerate and even go for committing suicide. Getting your love back is not an easy thing after a breakup. You need to follow some tactics to have it back. With reciting wazifa to get your ex-lover back, you can easily get back your lover in your life. Many couples use this wazifa and successfully save their relationship.

Everyone needs love as one of the basic things of life, like food, water, shelter, and clothes. Your life has no meaning without love. Being crazy with your dear one is the best feeling you never had in your life. However, losing love is now common among people.

Wazifa To Get Your Lover Back

Nowadays, most of the couples get separated for no reason and left shattered, thinking what their mistake was. When you are in emotional pain, it isn’t easy to think straight. Here is where you need wazifa for getting lost love back soon, which helps you calm your emotional disturbance and assures your lover to come to you soon.

Before start reciting this wazifa for lover, come back in 3 days, make sure your heart and intention should be pure and true. Then only the ritual turns effective and reaps you good outcomes. If you consistently follow this ritual, your ex will contact you and start expressing his or her feeling to compromise with you.

Wazifa To Get Your Ex Lover Back

Wazifa To Get Your Ex Lover Back, The most painful thing in our life is losing love. Life becomes lonesome without a partner. No one likes to have a loveless life. Love plays a significant role in leading a satisfying life. So, the best bet is reciting wazifa to get your ex-lover back. Performing all the rituals correctly will help you attract the lost love and get him or her back once again in your life. Many lovers get benefit from winning their lost love back.

Very soon, an intimate relationship becomes tragic without reasons. Because of societal and parental pressure, lovers break up their relationship. If your partner ended the relationship without having the guts to face all the problems, recite wazifa for the lover come back in 3 days to fill his or her heart with courage and strength and become strong in your relationship. You are likely to recover your lost love within three days.

When it comes to solving your love issues, you need to look at several factors. Once you got the wazifa for getting lost love back soon, you need not waiting for anything. You have all the bliss at your doorstep to get things done.

As soon as you start reciting this wazifa, your partner will realize his or her mistake and return to you. Here, faith is what matters a lot. Just pray to Allah with a clean heart. He will solve your love problem and also bring back your lover to you, as everything is possible for our almighty God.

Wazifa For Getting Lost Love Back Soon

Wazifa For Getting Lost Love Back Soon, If you love someone to the core, but your lover left you lonesome because of certain reasons, here is wazifa to get your ex-lover back. Usually, love problems arise in several ways. So, it would be best if you were alert before things go wrong in your life.

However, it would be best if you did not lose your hope. Try to solve your love problems before you get hurting yourself. Getting your lost love is possible with the help of his wazifa. Follow the approach correctly and bring back your lover in a relationship.

Please, don’t use this technique for unethical purposes, because you would never gain fruitful results. Practicing any spiritual supplication will become successful only if you are with true heart and love. A relationship is a holy deed over which people do not have control. This wazifa for lover come back in 3 days seems to be the universal solution to solve all your issues related to relationship and love.

If you would like to have a fresh start with your Ex and keep past things at bay, you could get the help of wazifa for getting lost love back soon to make your relationship lasting longer. Be positive while starting this dua. After completing the namaz of Isha, you can start doing this ritual.

The almighty will sanctify you with the love of your Ex. Practice this continuously for three days and see the visible outcomes. This wazifa is the most trusted one you want to induce your love again. It’s time to get comfort and happiness once again in your life.

Wazifa For Lover Come Back In 3 Days

Wazifa For Lover Come Back In 3 Days, Love is the most delightful feeling which everyone wants in their life. A person can easily fall in love anytime, anywhere. But what can you do if you lose your lover? The most painful thing happens in your life when your partner leaves you alone for someone else. Bearing such pain is not easy to do, as you cannot able to love without your lover. However, a person can get the assistance of wazifa for the lover to come back in 3 days.

A love relationship involves a lot of complications, as it can get ended even for small issues. Usually, it ends due to a lack of trust. You have to trust a person whom you love so much. The couples need to trust each other because this is the basic requirement of a love relationship. To make your partner get back, you must recite wazifa for getting lost love back soon. If you truly perform this wazifa with faith, your partner will return to you and never leave you.

Breakup is the most common thing found in many relationships. If you need to win back your lost partner, you should follow the strong wazifa to get your ex-lover back. Keep a photo of your lover and pray to God. For better outcomes, repeat this ritual regularly for three days.

Doing wazifa is an Islamic approach to bring back your lost lover with tested and proven prayers. Since ages, people have been practicing this ritual and see its fast results. Make everything to become normal in your precious life.

wazifa to get back lost love in 3 days

wazifa to get back lost love in 3 days

On the off chance that your beau has betrayed you in view of another young lady or kid in your life, don’t stress. Intelligence will give the genuine answer for every one of your distresses for lost love, it will in a split second show comes about and bring your beau under his control. In the event that you are experiencing the issue of saying a final farewell to your accomplice and you have neglected to disclose to him that he is involved with you, soon to more grounded Wazifa for Getting Love Back your cherished will get lost love and acclaim soon. Capable wazifa can satisfy every one of your wants and change the psyche of your sweetheart. Allah (SWT) positively knows the best thing for you and in the event that you have faith in Him, He will give you only the best. On the off chance that you express vowshah with full confidence, at that point your adoration unquestionably returns to you, keeping in mind the end goal to get prompt consequences of the stipend for affection, you should converse with an Islamic Molana Ji. To get back your adoration intrigue, you can enhance your broken relationship issues. Are you looking for how to get your lost love back by strong and powerful wazifa spells or wants to make your lover come back to you automatically then consult with our wazifa for lost love specialist astrologer.

3 Days Wazifa For Get Love Back

In three days, wazifa magically affects his accomplice for wazifa adore in 3 days. It is close to your sweetheart and constrains them to bring you once again into a relationship. It decreases disappointment, desire, savagery and outrage in your accomplice and cherishes in the heart. With the assistance of Wazifa, you won’t just win over your sweetheart once more, yet additionally comprehend your relationship and will keep up comprehension in your relationship. Islamic wazifa is an incredible thought that you can send your elocution to Allah (STT) which can make it unthinkable.

Solid Wazifa for Getting Love Back in 3 Days in Urdu

To return to love in Urdu, wazifa is one of the commonest basic issues in the present age couples. They battle and rejoin, in any case, all the romantic tales don’t search for a similar destiny. Regularly, there is a considerable measure of progress in the battle amongst darlings and they get isolated forever. In any case, can not hold up under the loss of all lost love. Furthermore, along these lines, you want to get love as quickly as time permits. Love for wazifa gives you real outcomes, it helps in bringing your life back If you adore somebody somewhere down in your heart and that individual has abandoned you for another person, at that point you can utilize the stipend to get back and draw your consideration. Wazifa is brimming with Islamic forces. Causes you accomplish your lost love with no assistance. The most ideal approach to get a stipend to recover your affection is to meet with an Islamic celestial prophet. There is immense learning and experience among the experts of Islam.

They give you enough help to bring your affection back and live joyfully with them.

he stipend for adoration in 3 days is delineated beneath:

After necessary petition of the night, you should read the wazifa

Tell darud shahaf three times

Tune in to “yes viddo or raufu or rahemo” 300 times

At long last brightened Durood Shahid three times.

Ensure you begin it on Thursday

Think about your sweetheart while doing wazifa

You will see that your sweetheart will return three days;

To get love in Urdu, wazifa will work to support you.

Nonetheless, for exact outcomes, it is essential that you look for help and direction from an Islamic expert. They will guarantee that you give Wazifa the correct and incite comes about for affection. You can get in touch with them by means of mail, telephone or live talk. Don’t hesitate to converse with your heart and get a snappy answer for every one of your issues

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love marriage karne ka wazifa

love marriage karne ka wazifa

Marriage is the most beautiful feeling and everyone in this world wants to get married soon. There are lots of people who decide to get married soon and there are also lots of people who decide to get married later. But still, there are lots of people who don’t receive any marriage proposal (Acha Rishta) from anyone. If you are also one of them who is not receiving any marriage proposal from a good family. Then, you come into the right post because here in this post, we are going to provide you with pasand ki shadi ka wazifa.

Almost everyone in this world who is not receiving a marriage proposal tried some Shadi ke liye wazifa. As we all know, almighty Allah has made a partner for everyone and it is not our fault for not getting any good partner. But we human beings always try to achieve something very soon. If the Almighty Allah has written a partner for you in your luck, then no one I will not give you that partner except Allah.

So, if you want to get a good partner in your life to get married. Then, you have to perform the pasand ki shadi ka wazifa and jaldi shadi ka wazifa. Brothers and sisters, if you love someone and want to get married to him or her, then you can also try Allah hu Samad ka wazifa for love. This wazifa is known as the wazifa for marriage from the Quran. So, read the complete post about kisi ko shadi k liye razi karne ka wazifa.

Shadi Ka Wazifa in Quran

This jald se jald shadi ka wazifa is not only for those who are going to get married soon. But if you are a married person, then anyone can perform this wazifa either by a wife or a husband. But if you are the one whose age is growing very fast, then you can perform 3 din me rishta hone ka wazifa. After that, In Sha Allah, as fast as possible, you will get married soon.

If you think all your friends, cousins, add neighbors had already done married. You are the only one in your society who is getting old. Then, this wazifa is only for you, so take help from Surah ikhlas ka wazifa for love marriage. There is also another method which will help you to solve this problem. The name of that method is to contact our Molana Ji who is a Muslim vashikaran specialist Molvi Ji.

He will help you and after that, you will get what you want in your life. You just have to tell him and after that, you will convince your parents. If you think your parents do not agree with your choice, then our Molana Ji will also change that situation, Inshallah. Now, let’s know the complete procedure of wazifa for marriage.

The procedure of this Wazifa

Here is the step-by-step procedure of 3 din me shadi ka wazifa and you have to perform it in the right way.

Take a bath and wear neat and clean clothes.
Perform all the Salah in a day (5 times) and you have to perform this wazifa or Istikhara for marriage after the Asar Salah.
Now, sit in alone and chant 11 times Darood Shareef and then, chant 1100 times “Ya Latifuu Ya Halimuu”.
Again, chant 11 times Darood Shareef.
If you recite the Wazifa for a happy marriage as fast as possible, you will also be able to develop a strong relationship with your partner or spouse. It is because Allah is there for you whenever you need His help if you start something in His name.

Perform this wazifa daily until you received any results. But we also want to tell you to contact our Molana Ji and get your love problem solution so fast. So, call him now and you can also send a message to our Molana Ji and get results fast, Inshallah.

dua to get someone you love back

dua to get someone you love back

One-sided love is only meant to give you pain and suffering. Hence, it is very important that you get the love of the person whom you love for a happy and content relationship. And surely you cannot put love in someone’s heart forcefully. So, the best remedy to create love in someone’s heart is to recite dua to make someone love you. The dua will create mutual feelings in the heart of that person and he/ she will start loving you too. The dua will make turn your one-sided love to a happy love story.

If you have been expressing your feelings in front of someone, but the person has nothing for you in his/ her heart and they keep denying your proposal, then this dua will reverse the situation. Yes, it will make that person accept your love proposal immediately. And, Insha Allah, you will have a healthy relationship with him/ her. It is very important that you recite the dua to get love from someone with the intention of marriage in the future or else, it will be a harm dua.

Dua To Make Someone Love You Back

If the person you love takes you for granted and doesn’t care a lot about feelings and desires, then dua to get love from someone will help you in making them realize as you feel. Soon, your partner will start treating you with care and affection. This dua has the power to immediately resolve all your problem and make it a happy affair. Sometimes you may get tired of dragging your relationship when your partner doesn’t put any effort. If your partner is not at all interested in you, then dua to make someone love you back will help in making the situation better.

It will help in melting your partner’s heart and bringing the two of you closer. This dua is a powerful Islamic remedy to mend the gaps between two people. It will help both the partners understand each other’s feelings and have a prosperous relationship. So, without worrying about anything, just acquire the procedure and get result from our molvi Rahmat Shah sab. and practice it wholeheartedly. Insha Allah, you will get desired results in the shortest time period.

Dua to make someone love you is given below as:

Allah Humma Allif Baina Kulu Bina Wa Aslih Zata Bainina Wah Dina Subulis Salam Wa Najjina Minaz Zulumati Ilan Noor

The dua is from Hadith and you should recite it 100 times by including Durood Shareef 11 times at the beginning and 11 times in the end. Also, make sure that you are in the state of ablution while reciting it.

After reciting it, make dua to Allah Talah to create love in the heart of the person you want so that he/ she keeps craving for you. And, Insha Allah, within 11 days, you will notice the difference on your own.

kun faya kun wazifa for marriage

kun faya kun wazifa for marriage

kun faya kun ki namaz ka wazifa padhne ka tariqa puchte rahte hain. Aaj khas unhi ke liye is namaz me chhupe raaz ke bare me ham janenge. → Allahumma Inni As’aluka Al Afiyah Full Dua

Kun Faya Kun Ka Wazifa

Roman English

Quran Pak me aath (8) ayaat me kun faya kun ke alfaaz ek sath istemal hue hain. Jinka matlab aur Urdu tarjuma ye hai,

“Ho ja”, “wo ho jata hai”.

Isse murad ye hai ke jab bhi ALLAH Zille Shanahu ne kisi kaam ka hukm dena hota hai to ALLAH farmata hai,

“Kun” (Ho ja),

“Faya kun” (pas wo kaam ho jata hai).

Kun Faya Kun Namaz Ki Fazilat Aur Fawaid

Is namaz ke be shumar fayede hain. Jis bhi maqsad ke liye saaf niyyat ke sath ise parha jaye, wo maqsad zarur paya-e-takmeel (mukammal) tak pahunchega.→ Qabristan Mein Dakhil Hone Ki Dua

Misal ke taur par ye wazifa in tamam masail ke hal ke liye parha ja sakta hai.

Gharelu masail ka khatma
Miyan biwi me bahmi nachaaqi (ladayi jhagde)
Rizq ki tangdasti ka khatma
Mulazmat/naukri ki talash
Achhe rishte ki talash
Imtihan me kamyabi
Bimari ki shifa
Kun Faya Kun ki Namaz Kaise Padhe?

Kun Faya Kun Namaz Padhne Ka Tarika

Jummerat ki isha ki namaz ke bad ghusl kar lijiye. Paak saaf kapde pahan kar 4 rak’at nifl namaz ki niyyat kijiye. 2-2 rak’at karke aage bataye gaye tareeqe ke mutabiq namaz is tarah se parhni hai.→ Shaitan Se Bachne Ki Dua

Pahli rak’at me Surah Fatiha ke bad ye Ayat-e-Qurani 100 bar parhiye: Ufawwidu Amree IlALLAHi

Dusri rak’at me Surah Fatiha ke bad ye Ayat-e-Kareema 100 bar parhiye: Ala IlALLAHi Taseerul Umooru

Phir rak’at puri parh kar salam pher lijiye.→ Khana Khane Ki Dua

Phir dobara niyyat karte hue teesri rak’at me Surah Fatiha ke bad ye Ayat-e-Mubarika 100 bar parhiye: Nasrunm MinALLAHi Wa Fat-‘Hun Qareebun

Chauthi rak’at me Surah Fatiha ke bad ye Ayat Shareef 100 bar parhiye: Inna Fata’hna Laka Fat-‘ham Mubeena
Salam pherne ke bad ye Ayat-e-Qurani 100 bar parhiye: Ghufraanaka Rabbana Wa Ilaykal Maseeru

Phir sar sajdah me rakh kar ye Ayat-e-Mubarika 100 bar parhiye: Astaghfirullaha Wa Atoobu Ilayhi
Phir sajde se sar utha kar apne maqsad ke liye khoob aajzi aur inkasaari (behad aqeedat) ke sath dua kijiye.→ Dua for Exam-Imtihan Mein Kamyabi ka Wazifa

Ye sirf ek hi din ka amal hai. Agar aap chahen to har jummerat ki isha ki namaz ke bad ye amal parh sakte hain.
Insha ALLAH, jo bhi aapki hajat aur dili tamanna hai wo zarur puri hogi. Jo masle masail hain, unka yaqeeni taur par fauri hal hoga.

Ghaur Talab: Khawateen haiz/maahwari/ayyaam me ye wazifa qatayi nahi parhiye.

Kun Faya Kun Prayer For Any Desire/Problems

There are countless secrets hidden in this special prayer. This is a supererogatory prayer that can be offered for any legitimate purposes.

There are eight (8) such places where the words kun faya kun are appeared together in The Noble Quran. The meaning and translation of which is as follows,

“To be” and “It is”.

ALLAH The Sole Owner of this Universe Says “Kun” to command something and “Faya Kun” that just happens.

The Benefits And Virtues Of Kun Fayakun Prayer

This wazifa is having immense benefits. If one performs this with a pure intention having a legitimate purpose. He will definitely get many advantages from this amal.

For instance, this wazifa can be read for any of the following issues and desires.→ Dua for Parents

Removal of domestic issues
Solving the issues between husband and wife
Elimination of financial disaster
Searching for a job
Searching for a good proposal
Having a baby
Success in exams
Cure of disease
Method Of Offering The Prayer

Take a bath after getting free of Isha prayers on Thursday. Offer 4 rak’at nifl prayer with 4 salam. Offer 2-2 rak’at nifl prayer by following the method described ahead.→ Dua for Success in Daily Life Tasks

In 1st rak’at, recite this verse 100 times after Surah Fatiha: Ufawwidu Amree IlALLAHi

In 2nd rak’at, recite this verse 100 times after Surah Fatiha: Ala IlALLAHi Taseerul Umooru

Complete your prayer with salam.

Then again make an intention of 2 rak’at nifl prayer and in 3rd rak’at, recite this verse 100 times after Surah Fatiha: Nasrunm MinALLAHi Wa Fat-‘Hun Qareebun

In 4th rak’at, recite this verse 100 times after Surah Fatiha: Inna Fata’hna Laka Fat-‘ham Mubeena
Then complete your prayer with salam and recite this verse 100 time: Ghufraanaka Rabbana Wa Ilaykal Maseeru

Then go to prostration and recite this verse 100 times being in the same state: Astaghfirullaha Wa Atoobu Ilayhi
Then sit back up and make a prayer for your aim humbly with entire devotion and dedication.→ Ayat e Sajda Ka Wazifa

It’s only a one day process. Though, you can perform this every Thursday after Isha prayers till you want.
Your heartily wish and desire will surely come true. Any tensions and distress you are facing will get out of your life by the Grace of ALLAH The Almighty.

Note: Females are not allowed to offer this prayer during their menses/periods.

wazifa for bringing love back

wazifa for bringing love back

Has your lover betrayed you and left you alone? Has your lover broken all swears and promises of being with you and parted ways? Well, if your lover has dumped you and no longer wants to keep any connection with you, but you still seem to be with him/her, then you should recite wazifa and dua for getting love back. The wazifa and dua are meant to provide you with immediate solutions and bring your ex-lover back in your life. It is meant to revive your love life and bring it to its normal routine.

If you think that your lover has dumped you for someone else and you wish to bring him back to you, then you should recite powerful wazifa to bring boyfriend back. The wazifa will change the heart of your boyfriend and he will gradually lose his interest in the other girl and come back to you. It will make your boyfriend miss you and think of you and soon he will come back to you. The powerful wazifa to bring boyfriend back will never let him be in relationship with anyone else apart from you.

Dua to get someone back

If you think that your partner has left you because he/she doesn’t find you interesting anymore and they don’t feel the connection with you, then dua to get someone back will bring him/her back to you. They will love with the same enthusiasm and passion they had for you before or even more. They will develop major connection with you and never leave you again in the future. The dua to get someone back is very strong and will surely heal all your breakup wounds by bringing your ex-lover back in your life.

You can consult our molvi sb. to get the strong wazifa to bring boyfriend back. With his advice and guidance, you will be able to get desired results. We understand that life becomes lonely and depressing if your lover leaves you suddenly and goes. For this reason, we bring to you the wazifa and dua for getting love back. Recite it with purity in heart and right intent and Insha Allah, you will get desired results very soon. Don’t worry! Allah Miyan will definitely help you in this time of misery and rejuvenate your love life for your betterment.

Dua For Getting Love Back is given below:

See also Mohabbat Hasil Karne Ki Dua aur Wazifa – Mohabbat Pane Ki Dua
“ Wa Allafa Baina Kulo Bihim Law Anfaqta Ma Fil Ardhi Jami’am Ma Allafta Baina Kuloobihim Wa La Kinal Laaha Allafa Baina Hum Innahu Azeezun Hakeem”

Recite this dua daily 101 times and then make dua to Allah Talah to bring your lost lover back in your life. And, surely if the Almighty wills, your ex-lover will definitely come back to you.

In case you have any queries related to the wazifa, feel free to come to us. Indeed, Allah is the most beneficent and merciful and He will definitely bestow you with all you desire and deserve. Just have patience and keep reciting the dua with devotion and dedication.

best wazifa for husband love

best wazifa for husband love

Strong Wazifa for Husband Love and Respect:- Wazifa is an Arabic word that means in Islam to recite some sura or verse to obtain the favor or the desired gift of Allah (SWT). You can do Wazifa to solve any problem in your life or to get some kind of favor from Allah (SWT). Wazifa can solve any problem, but he must do it with the correct method and true intentions. After marriage, everyone wants to live their life with love and happiness. But it is not possible every time. For the wife, to make the relationship stronger with the husband in the future, you must try a strong wazifa for the love and respect of the husband.

Strong Wazifa for Husband Love and Respect

Everyone wants to love and respect their partner, and it is their right to have your support. If your partner is not loyal to you and shows no respect for the relationship, ask about the problem. If they can both solve the problem, then that’s fine, but if not, they don’t have to be in an unfair relationship. Go to Wazifa to help you save the relationship.

Wazifa for the love of the husband will surely help a wife to overcome this situation. You just need to wait and pray for his mercy. You must offer Salah regularly and recite the Koran-e-Pak to establish a strong connection with Allah. There are many Wazifas that can help you in this situation. These Dua wazifas will not only make your situation easier, but will also give you peace. Listed below is one of the strong Wazifa out of the husband’s respect and love:

You must follow the Wazifa procedure correctly

Make fresh wadu
Take half a cup of rose water and transfer it to the clean clay container.
Sit in a clean space and recite 800 YA WADOODO 800 times.
Blow your breath into the bowl of rose water.
Have your husband drink it.

You can do this Wazifa after any namaz. Do this Wazifa with full concentration. Recite Durood Shareef at the beginning and also at the end. Continue this Wazifa for 11 days and in sha Allah you will get results.
Mighty Wazifa of surah kausar for the love of the husband

All women can do Wazifa to fulfill their wish. For any problem that a human being may face, there is a Wazifa for his solution in Islam. All husbands have confrontations for many reasons. In most cases, the husband’s ego is the main reason for fights in the family. So, to do the husband a favor, a wife must recite the powerful wazifa of surah kausar for the love of the husband.

A couple should always do Dua wazifa for the love of their partner, and Allah (SWT) can never reject any Dua out of halal desire. If you think your husband doesn’t love you or things are not right between you two. You must take Wazifa to help do what is best for you.

There is a strong Wazifa from Surah Al-kausar, who can surely help you to have the love of your husband. Surah Al-kausar is one of the shortest Surah of the Koran-e-Pak and offers many benefits to those who recite it daily.

In order for Wazifa to have the love of her husband, follow the procedure below.

This Wazifa you must do on the first Thursday of an Islamic month.
Start reciting Durood Shareef as many times as possible within three days of starting that Wazifa.
The Thursday after the Isha prayer, recite Durood Shareef 11 times
Take 21 solid black pepper, in each recite 121 surah Al-kausar and blow on it.
Recite Durood Shareef 11 times at the end and burn that black pepper and keep it.
Have your husband eat that black paper either in food or in water. Ins sha Allah will see results in a few days.
Wazifa for husband listens to wife

Allah created all human beings as couples and clearly stated that I create human beings in couples so that they can satisfy their need for love and mutual support. Every time a husband and wife look at each other with love, Allah pleases them with his blessings. Each couple needs mutual support and love to adapt to the situations they face after marriage.

It is the duty of both partners to listen to each other’s problem and find the solution together. But you have seen that the husband does not listen to his wife because of the ego. If your husband doesn’t listen to you and doesn’t care about your opinion, you should recite wazifa for the husband on the list of wives.

If you think that after all your efforts like talking to your husband and in-laws, you are not getting any positive results, then you should take the help of wazifa. After marriage, you can recite different Dua wazifas to make the husband listen to his wife and stand by you in a difficult situation.

The Wazifa is mentioned below for your husband to hear:

After Isha’s prayer Recite Durood Salvat 11 times
Now recite the ayat mentioned below 500 times.
Wa Akaito alike muhabba so minniva le tus na aalaina
Now take 2 almonds and recite Durood Salvat 11 more times.
Blow it on almonds and have your husband eat that on some sweet plate.
Do this Wazifa for five days and after five days in sha Allah you will see results. This method is very useful for women whose husbands do not pay attention to them or are not involved with any other woman.

husband ko kabu karne ki powerful wazifa

husband ko kabu karne ki powerful wazifa

Kya har biwi ko ek neik aur pyar karne wala shohar milta hai? Nahi, aisa nahi hai!!! Kayi martaba ek biwi ko aisa shohar milta hai jo use baat baat par zaleel karta hai, bura bhala kehta hai, marta-peet ta hai. Aap sirf yahi sochti hongi ki kaash aapke shohar aisa nahi hote! Yakeenan, isme aapki koi galti nahi hai. Lekin, iska rohani hal maujud hai. Aap Allah Talah par bharosa rakhe, Insha Allah, aapki arzoo zaroor poori hogi. Aap husband ko control karne ka wazifa parhe. Ye koi totka nahi hai, balki Qurani ayat hai, jo aapke shohar aapke bas mein kar dega.

Aapko humare Alim sahib se baat karne ki zaroorat hai. Wo aapke halaat ke mutabik aapko apne husband ko control karne ka wazifa bata denge jisse aapke shohar ka rawayya dheere dheere badalne lagega. Kayi martaba biwi apne shohar ke faislo mein uska sath dena chahti hai. Lekin shohar unki baton ko nazarandaz kar dete hai, jiski wajah se unko bhari nuksaan uthana padhta hai. Agar aapko dar hai ki aapke shohar aisa koi nuksaan kar lenge toh aap husband ko control karne ka wazifa ka istemal kare.

Husband ko control karne ka wazifa

Insha Allah, bahot jald aapke shohar apki sari baatein maan ne lagenge aur aapki baatein apne faisle lete waqt zehen mein rakhenge. Shohar ko kabu karne ki dua ki madad se aapke shohar har choti bade kaam mein aapki raye lenge. Aap bilkul pareshan na ho aur shohar ko kabu karne ki dua humare molvi sb. se hasil kare. Bilkul itminaan rakhe, aapki koi bhi baat bahar nahi jayegi. Hum aapki pareshani ke mutabik aapko shohar ko kabu karne ki dua denge aur Allah Talah se aapke kamyabi ki dua mangenge.

Shohar ko apne bas mein karne ka wazifa

Shohar ko apne bas mein karne ka wazifa behad tez aur asardar hai aur iski madad se bahot sari biwiyon ko apne shohar ki mohabbat, izzat aur wafa hasil huyi hai. Ye wazifa aapke shohar ke dil mein Allah Talah ne chaha toh bepanah izzat bhar dega. Wo aapki har baat ko sachi aur sahi samhenge aur phir aapki har baat ko manenge. Insha Allah, aap dono ek dusre ke kareeb bhi ajayenge. Aap shohar ko apne bas mein karne ka wazifa poore akeede aur neik niyat se parhe aur iska istemal kisi galat maqsad ke liye katayi na kare.

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Shohar ko apne bas mein karne ka wazifa

Shohar ko apne bas mein karne ka wazifa niche diya gaya hai:

Aap ye wazifa har namaz ke baad 51 martaba parhe. Aur phir ro-ro kar Allah miya se apne shohar ko kabu mein karne ki dua kare. Insha Allah, aapki dua zaroor kubool hogi.

“Kul In Kuntum Tu Hib Bunal Laaha Fat Tabi Ooni Yuh Bib Kumul Laaho Yagfir Lakum Zunu Bakum Wal Laaho Gafuroor Raheem”

Agar aapko isse behtar wazifa ya apni aur kisi mushkilaat ke mutalik koi bhi cheez jaan ni ho toh aap humare alim sahib se rabta kare. Insha Allah, wo poori koshish karenge aapki pareshani ko rohani taur par door karne ki.